Don’t Judge Me

The quote above serves to make light of an act that we all have been guilty of committing at one time or another—judging others. We see a well-dressed, attractive person who may not appear overly friendly and we label that person and a snob or as we say in the South, someone who “thinks their shit doesn’t stink”. We see a person that isn’t the ideal “model” size two and that person is looked upon as a gluttonous pig with no self-control when it comes to eating. The homeless guy should’ve watched his money and said no to drugs and alcohol, then maybe he’d be in better shape. The pregnant teen’s parents should be ashamed of themselves for not keeping a closer eye on their slutty daughter.  The black man who hasn’t worked in months is just a lazy nigger. And for God’s sake why don’t these damned immigrants go back from whence they came so that America can become great again?

Sounds ridiculous, right? Nonetheless, people are steadfast in these beliefs. Some are even bold (or ignorant) enough to vocalize them. I think the bible puts it this way:

“Why worry about the speck in our friend’s eye when you have a log in your own?”

If you’re a fan of the Williams Brothers, I believe they said it best, when they said, “Sweep around your own front door before you try to sweep around mine.”

The late, great Tupac Shakur said, “Only God can judge me.”

And my personal favorite, “Don’t judge my story, by the chapter you walked in on.”—Anonymous

Which segues into my next point–Everyone has a story. And before you decide to judge someone, think about your own story because everyone has chapters that they aren’t proud of. Some of our entire stories are a mess. Then ponder for a moment that the “snob” may just be proud of what he or she has accomplished and has no problem expressing it. The “pig” might be depressed over the loss of a loved one and is using food to cope. The homeless guy might be one of the millions of mentally unstable veterans that our country has simply forgotten about and left to live on the streets. The “slutty” teen may come from a home where her parents have to work so much that she’s forced to stay at home and raise the younger children, causing her to grow up long before her time. That “lazy nigger” might be one of the many black men who were laid off from their last job and can’t seem to get another simply because corporate America says he is “too educated” for one and underqualified for another. And those damned immigrants might just be looking for their recompense after decades of providing free labor to build a country that now sees them as a dead weight. Maybe they want a piece of the pie just like the rest of us.  

So, before we begin judging others, we should probably examine ourselves first and make sure we don’t have four fingers pointing back in our own direction.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Judge Me

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