Drama Queen

Drama Queen

“Murder Chose Me”, “Killing Time”, “Wives with Knives”, “Deadly Women”, “Betrayed”, “Married with Secrets”, “Web of Lies”… I could go on forever, and that’s just the ID Channel. I am a proud, self-proclaimed, psycho-thriller, sucker for murder with a flair for the dramatics! If I’m at home without paper and pen in-hand, chances are I am either glued to the television watching somebody suffer at the hands of a psychopath or reading about it in a book.

While terribly disturbing, many of the stories are fascinating and provide a high like nothing else. My family stares at me suspiciously. They admit that they’re “on watch” for any indication that I am plotting to take them out. Friends comment that I “need help” for my “unhealthy addition”. But I don’t understand what’s so wrong with enjoying watching drama unfold. I admit, I had to scale back about a year ago after I finally figured out why I kept having dreams of either being chased by a killer or chasing unsuspecting people around town with a gun or knife. I’d wake up in a cold sweat, cursing, still engulfed in my own nightmare. Okay, so maybe too much of a good thing isn’t so good after all.

Lately I’ve opted for more lies and sex and a little less murder to give myself a healthy balance 😊.

I like to believe that I have an appreciation for art, and drama is such a visceral art form that evokes a myriad of emotions that you can’t find many places that don’t involve illegal activity. For me it’s no different that watching a sun set or puppies frolic in the grass. Some people get their fix through sex, drugs or alcohol. I get mine from reading and watching drama unfold—the more violence, the better!

Anybody else share the same appreciation as me who needs a fix too?  Read below for my top 5 television shows and books for some exhilarating, heart-stopping, dirty, sexy, summer drama!


5. Handmaid’s Tale- Hulu

4. Killing Eve- Hulu (Recently replaced “Mary Kills People” after Lifetime decided not to pick it back up this summer (Boooooooo! Lifetime) in order to focus on their own original content (you may still be able to find seasons 1 & 2 on their app or somewhere online with a bit of research).

3. Ambitions-OWN

2. Ozark-Netflix

1. Power-Starz


5. Bad Girls Don’t Die Series– Katie Alender

4. Dead to Me– Mary McCoy

3. The Girl Who Lived– Christopher Greyson

2. Where the Crawdads Sing– Delia Owens

1. Blood and Money– Thomas Thompson

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