Fail Better

Ever tried something new and failed miserably (raises hand)? I think we all have at some point. And if you have never failed at something, as the saying goes, you’re not doing anything worthwhile. Whether it’s trying a new diet at the start of the new year, then finding yourself sneaking powdered doughnuts into your…Continue reading Fail Better

Bitch, Please!

Bitch, Please! bitch noun 1. a female dog 2. a female of canines generally. Slang  a malicious, unpleasant, selfish person, especially a woman. a lewd woman. Disparaging and Offensive any woman. Slang  a person who is submissive or subservient to someone, usually in a humiliating way The above are ways in which Webster defines the word, “bitch”; none of which are pleasant. So, I pose the following questions to you. How do you feel about being called a bitch? Do you call others bitches? Do you…Continue reading Bitch, Please!