Author Bio

Author Bio-

Jackie Cotham is a serial entrepreneur, teacher, college professor and writer. Her many endeavors all stem from a love since childhood for reading and writing. After earning an undergraduate degree in Communications and Journalism and a graduate degree in Technology Education, she married the two passions and became an English teacher, and then an English professor at a local college. She also started her own businesses, which included, a tutoring company, helping children to become better readers and writers, a design company helping entrepreneurs to creatively market their small businesses and a training and development company, teaching women how to succeed in the workforce. Jackie’s love for teaching, desire to empower women and passion for writing made becoming an author a no-brainer. Since beginning her writing journey, she has contributed to several media outlets on issues related to women of color from job inequality to natural hair. Using her gift of gab, she also has her own author blog, appropriately titled, The Shameless Rant ( where fans can go to read about and discuss topics related to women, as well as receive inspiration and motivation to be able to take on the world.