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Good hair, bad hair, what the hair is going on? They say it’s supposed to be a woman’s crowning glory, but for Jackie, a young, black girl from the deep South, it is everything but! Growing up black and female is tough enough, but coupled with coping with a head full of nappy hair in a world made up of people consumed by ignorance who would soon rather mock her existence simply because they don’t understand it—well that’s another demon altogether. The (not so) Hairsterical Life of a Nappy-Headed Black Girl follows the life of Jackie, its main character, who is exceedingly self-aware of her hair from the age of three through adulthood as she will try just about any kind of shenanigans from wigs and braids to hair-scorching relaxers to find the answer to having the “good hair” that will somehow make her good enough. Throughout her futile hair journey, the many people she faces, both within and outside of her race, along with her many hair challenges force her to learn important lessons about life. The question is will she use them to accept herself as she is or become just another bitter, angry black woman in a never-ending battle to fit into societal norms.  

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