Fall is Finally Here

Enter the pumpkin-flavored everything, the hot apple cider and fuzzy sweaters.

I’m unsure if it’s the sight of jack-o-lanterns and scarecrows posted up in quaint suburban neighborhoods as I make my way around the city or the sound of crisp leaves crushing under my feet as I walk across sidewalks. It may quite possibly be the renewal that is signified by the change in the trees’ hues from greenery to shades of beige, burnt orange and brown. Perhaps all three.

Fall is the time of year when all the hustle and heat of the Summer begins to wane and the weight of the world seems lighter; at least for the moment before the holidays season ushers in its own dose of mayhem. The cooler weather in the south means football, gumbo and a much-needed reprieve from the heat and humidity that wreak havoc on even the best-planned hairstyles. I’m here for it!

Who else is ready for Fall?

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