Be Your Best You

The easiest way to make yourself feel like a loser is to compare yourself to others. Ironically, it’s also the easiest way to make yourself feel like a winner. In both cases, we are leading ourselves down a dangerous path.My son recently received a 74 on a class assignment, and boldly announced to me that he’d passed. Knowing my son intimately, I immediately recognized a ploy. One thing I can count on is his braggadocio when he aces a class assignment. The absence of his boasting meant that he had either made a failing grade or had barely squeaked by the “70” mark. “A 74?” I asked, morosely. “That’s not very good.” He defended his underachievement by explaining to me that the entire class had done horribly on the assignment and that his 74 was actually really good in comparison.Sometimes, without realizing it, we compare ourselves to others. Whether it’s wishing that we had someone else’s figure, facial attributes, job, or mate, we are using others as a measuring stick against which we unfairly judge ourselves. In essence, it’s like saying, “My (fill in the blank) isn’t good enough, and so and so’s is better. By the same token, when we unfairly use others’ misfortunes or inadequacies to help bolster our feelings of self-worth, as my son did, we don’t fully reach our potential because we convince ourselves that we are already good enough because we’re not as bad off as the next person.Instead of comparing ourselves to others, we should aim to be a better version of ourselves than we were the day before. Not only does it help to keep things in perspective, but it helps to maintain a healthy self-image. Comparing yourself to others will only serve to cause you to lose sight of the fact that you are unique and special because you are YOU.

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